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February 26, 2015

With all it’s imperfections, the church is still a divinely ordained institution. Glory is given to God through the church. The church in any place is no better or worse than the members that compose it. In other words, the church in any locality is just what its members are. If its members are a questionable, through their sinful conduct, the church is dishonored in the community. Even it’s members are somewhat reluctant in telling others that they are members of the local church because of the perception of the world to those who believe in Jesus.

The church in the beginning, as described in the New Testament, had members who failed to live consistent with the divine law of God; consequently they brought shame and dishonor to the church, thus adding difficulty to the establishment of the church. The moral qualities of the Law, as well as the church, were broken down by sinful membership. The church at that time suffered because of evil conduct of its members; the fact remains true today and will always remain true. Men cannot live like the world lives in all kinds of sin; while members of the church, and expect the church to be exalted in the minds of others.

Christ is to be exalted by His followers so that sinners may be led to glorify Him. We are to be the “salt of the world.” There is no darkness in God and Christ; there should be no darkness in the members of His body.

Regular attendance is a sure sign of one’s own spiritual development. Every service of worship, preaching, teaching singing, giving and Christian fellowship should constitute for you and me a “standing engagement” with Christ! You cannot pray for the advancement of the church and fail to keep your engagement with Him. Willingly not being a part of the body’s activities is sinful. Your faithful presence at each service of the church, together with your constant prayers for its advancement and your willing performance of every good work will surely build up the church, both in faith and in numbers. Your presence is encouraging to others and this in itself can snowball in its effects upon the church.

Sometimes we allow most anything to interfere with attending services and justify that we went “to church” on Sunday morning. Do we allow such logic to dictate how often we pray or read the Bible or tell others about the good news of Christ? I pray you will think on these things in the spirit in which this was written; I love you my church family

Bruce Tabor

February 26,2015

This past Sunday concluded a two month sermon series on fellow-ship. It focused on our relationship to God through prayer, as members of God’s spiritual family; and on the relationship God intends for us to have with one another, as brothers and sisters in His family. I encourage you to look up and pray about the many “one another” verses in the New Testament. And in the midst of our many weekly and monthly spiritual family activities, let’s not forget to extend frequent fellowship to our brothers and sisters who cannot attend those activities. They need to know that they are not forgot-ten, but loved......

February 26, 2015

How to Enjoy Church

Do you feel as though every Sunday you are walking into church to sit in the same spot every week, only to leave after service is over feeling the exact same way you felt when you came in? Do you zone out while singing during worship, only to wake up from the trance to realize you were on autopilot and didn’t have any idea what you were singing? A question I constantly ask myself is “how can I get the most out of my church experience?” This seems like a very complex question with an answer that would be different for every single person; however, I believe the answer is quite simple. Over the course of this past year while looking for my own answers,....