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October 30,2014

The First Amendment and Christ’s Church
Two weeks ago an openly gay female mayor of Houston Texas subpoenaed the sermons and notes of 17 Christian ministers. Her claim was that the preachers were using the pulpit as a political platform. The preachers were teaching from the bible. Her overt intent is to financially destroy the ministry and suppress the Word.
For the last 5 years we have heard about our personal impact on, what real scientists, determine to be natural and cyclic global warming. Say, “normal global warming”, in a group and stand by for the personal attacks.
For the past few years our national leaders have been exposing that we should learn to coexist with Muslims and at the same time, just this week, restricted a Christian high school coach from praying with his willing players before any football game.
All of this brings to mind a book that I read 10 years ago called the “Thought Police”. A young, openly gay female, who was being oppressed, wrote it. Surprisingly, she was not being silenced by conservatives, but rather by other liberals. Her crime; she did not fall into lock step with their agenda. Her concern was that even her freedom of speech was under attack due to her lack of social and political conformity.
In the words of Solomon, “there is nothing new under the sun”.....

October 30,2014

Dick Jones announced last Sunday morning that Brent Clements, Keith Fowler and Bruce Tabor are the nominees to be our elders. Any scriptural objections to these men serving must be in writing, signed and turned in by Sunday, November 9th, 6:00 P.M. These will be reviewed by the Nomination Committee for resolution or with-drawal. During this period, we must continue to pray earnestly for God’s will regarding Elders.
On Sunday, November 9th, all members of the congregation will receive a conformation form, to be returned by Sunday, November 23, 6:00 P.M. It is vital that each member of the congregation submit a conformation form. This is because on Sunday, December 7th, the committee will present to the congregation the men whom the church has chosen with at least 70% confirmation to serve as an Elder. On Sunday, December 14th, these men will be ordained as our Elders.
The Small Group pilot program is working very well.....

Sep 25,2014

Monumental Moments

A monument is something that is designed and built as a lasting tribute to a person, a group of people, or an event. It is preserved because of its historical, cultural, or aesthetic importance. It is a reminder of something fine or distinguished, a memorial to somebody in the form of a written or spoken tribute.
I recently watched a movie called “The Monuments Men.” It covers the closing months of World War II. The movie tells the true story of a group of men and women from 13 nations who joined together to serve in the, “Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives program.” They were devoted to retrieving and protecting masterpieces stolen by the Nazis.
The character, Frank Stokes, the professor who coordinated this mission with President Roosevelt says, “This mission was never designed to succeed. We’re fighting for the culture, and our way of life…. Destroy their achievements and their history, it’s like they never existed. Just like ash, floating. That’s what Hitler wants, and the one thing we can never allow.” Hitler had indeed raped nations of their cultural heritage by taking all of their treasured pieces of art; paintings, murals, statues, books, all invaluable articles of their history in an attempt to wipe them and their culture off the face of the earth.
I have a confession to make…at the end of the holiday seasons; I always feel a deep sense of regret....