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November 19, 2015


What is lacking in our feeble attempts at sacrifice? Is it because we give God less than the best? Suppose, well in advance, I agree to teach a class. I spend weeks preparing for it, and when the time arrives, I teach faultlessly. Is God pleased? He is pleased with my best if I give it to show my love for Him. Motivated by any other reason is not what God wants from us.

What if circumstances cause me to give Him my worst? Suppose I was asked to teach, but at the last minute. I do my best, but I know I’ve not put in the time needed. I get lost and fumble through the class. My performance is a disaster. Is God pleased? Well, yes, He is pleased with my worst if I can do no better and if my motive is love for Him. God wants our best—and our worst. God can take our failure and turn it around if we are motivated by our love for Him. In fact, God wants only one thing; God wants everything

God does not want the pennies....

November 19, 2015

A plane bombed in Egypt; two hundred died. A market-place in Beirut, Lebanon bombed; forty died. A series of bombs in Paris; one hundred thirty died, and hundreds are seriously injured. A radical Islamic group claims they orchestrated all of these; and that more are to come.

Islamic radicals do not represent a nation. They represent the most hostile beliefs of a world-wide religion. They seek world-wide domi-nation.

Human reaction is the fear of our loss of freedom, and death, because we’re not Muslims. Christian reaction is that human freedom and human life are not as important as spiritual freedom and eternal spiritual life.

The world of the Roman Empire was as frightening and deadly for Chris-tians as the threat of Islamic world domination is today. Yet Christianity has survived, thrived and grown around the world. How did that happen?......

November 19, 2015

Is it enough for us to simply know about Jesus? Can we hear His story, believe His story and then choose to tuck it away like we might a good book?

It wasn’t enough for the 12 men who were chosen to follow him and then ultimately chose to stay with Him. They were average men of common means, without remarkable skills or popularity. When I considered this, I wondered? “What kind of pull drew these men to know and follow the heart of Jesus?” They left all that they knew, all that was necessary to survive, in order to walk by His side. What was it that enabled them to commit to this kind of ambiguous relationship?

Once we choose to move toward Jesus He will draw even closer to us. Our Creator made us with hearts that were made for Him to dwell within.

The men who followed Jesus were never singularly responsible for this decision. They were called. From the moment they accepted this calling, a unique discernment overtook their common, average, capabilities. They had what we have, the ability to choose to be dependent on Jesus. It was this sense of trust that compelled them to move forward, and it grew significantly with time and understanding....